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Maybe spend 15 on a m2 ssd and you will have a quick machine. Well using the ean I find this is NX. Reviews suggest this has an m2 slot so you may be able to add ssd and keep the HD in there as well, but no guarantee. Build quality is a bit questionable on these Ideapads but for a fairly light machine with those specs, can't ask for perfection!

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Surely the hackers who find it back then would continue to check and would've also found it now. I definitely agree with you on that. And will now be checking my laptop Lenovo U Thanks.

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This is what I mean when I say I bring it up, and nobody comments on it. It's like they were caught and then the world just universally moved on and said "Hey those guys make cheap laptops huh? They were doing it back in , what's to stop them? How long were they doing it for before they were caught in ?

Not only that, they were caught once and did it again, then caught again and did it again. See a pattern? You're talking about a company that thought it was acceptable to install spyware and bloatware in the BIOS storage, so that even a fresh install of Windows 10 would get their garbage installed because the BIOS had elevated system privileges and could just force that in without asking you. I know it's a pain, but video out is from USB-C like many devices these days. You will need a dongle. I have the USA version of this, mine has a touchscreen. It doesn't look great at first, but I've had no issues with headaches or eye fatigue, unlike the FHD screen on my FX Just don't buy this if you plan to watch movies.

Looks really good. Is there a same spec machine with IPS, if so what sort of price are we looking at? A lot of computer for the price so voted hot for entry level gaming laptop. It isn't full HD so it wouldn't be for me if I was in the market but if you're not bothered, it looks ok.

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Obviously, completely agree mate. But i still stick by my original post, I would sooner have an older Asus with an old i7 than a new HP i3 with mechanical hard drive. An i7 is not automatically better than an i5, particularly when comparing to 8th Gen as i5 has gone quad. A menace highfive y :p I will chuckle about that all evening.

I might change my name to Dennis. Cheers mate, thats cheered me up. What about what you have added? You're a menace. Letting people part with their hard earned cash on old junk like this by telling them it's a good idea!

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Got 1 more day left with chromebook offer Just hope P2xl to p4xl is big! Better than the awful battery life of the pixel 3 I had, not the best, but will get you through a day.

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I am quite curious with the battery life for the small one as it as been quite criticised over almost all reviews. Marvelous how the price has gone back higher than before it was reduced on here. Would this be good for a student who would probably just use it for homework, revision, watching videos and some video editing?

Next time I'll put Bazinga at the end. Or do a disclaimer somewhere. Thank you for your constructive criticism. It didn't come across as a joke as you put 'avoid' at the end. Personally, I would've stopped at ' I'm pretty sure the joke flew straight over your head. For me, signing up with my work email worked. Alternatively, the student discount should be anther option.

Any ideas how to reduce the price? Computers are essential to everyday living for many people and laptops provide the portable personal computing solution to enable easy work, play and Internet access from just about any place. Selecting the best laptop for your needs can be difficult when there's such a wide range of choice. There's also a variety of styles, designs and features available to modern consumers, and 2-in-1 hybrids are becoming increasingly popular.

The feasibility of desktop PCs and laptops became possible from the early s, with the IBM being the first commercial portable computer to appear in The unique clamshell design of modern laptops appeared in the s, but the expense of personal computers at that time meant their use was confined to organisations such as NASA and the US military. Developments such as colour screens, hard drives and read-only or writeable CDs and DVDs in the s and early s led to increased production, sales and affordability of personal computers, spawning generations of tech-savvy youngsters with sophisticated computing tastes and abilities.

Specifications and pricing feature strongly in the decision-making process. It's a good idea to work out exactly why the laptop is required and the most essential features. Modern laptops are very powerful and can do most everyday tasks demanded. In fact, it's quite common for buyers to opt for a laptop that offers a variety of features that won't be used, inevitably paying over the odds for their device. The following sections discuss laptop specifications in greater detail and will help you make an informed decision about the type of laptop best suited to your needs.

One of the primary decisions to make before buying a new laptop will be the most appropriate operating system:. Windows Operating System — Windows is the most common operating system, available on a variety of different devices. Windows 10 was launched in summer and is considered to best version of the operating system to date.

Many buyers will find choosing the operating system comes down to questions of price - with so many different makes and models of laptops operating Windows, it does offer greater choice and flexibility than alternative operating systems.

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An added benefit of Windows is that users have abilities to tweak their Windows experience, creating custom desktops and interfaces that are more personal. Windows devices are often easier to upgrade in comparison to Macs. It's very easy to buy an inexpensive laptop operating Windows, but when you start comparing specifications and adding up costs of configuring laptops to meet requirements, Macs are likely to cheaper than similar Windows devices. Always compare specifications across all manufacturers prior to buying and check around for the best discounts and deals on comparable laptops.

Windows users will find there's a greater choice of software applications than commonly available to other operating systems. If you decide to buy a laptop operating Windows, you need to confirm it's running on Windows 10, as it is still possible to buy laptops with Windows 7 or 8 - these machines may not have drivers installed for complete and efficient Windows 10 installations. Don't be tempted by high spec laptops at bargain basement prices if there is no guarantee of a successful upgrade to Windows 10 after purchase. An added disadvantage of any Windows device is that they tend to be targeted by spyware and viruses to a greater degree than Macs.

Apple products feature great design and specifications, with business users are particularly keen on their products. Laptops may initially appear to cost considerably more than comparable Windows devices, but the higher-end specification and software integration could make a Mac laptop work out to be comparable on pricing, or even cheaper than a Windows laptop.

This is a particularly important aspect for professionals and business users who may require a dependable laptop with abilities to carry out tasks quickly and efficiently. Macs have a good reputation for customer service and reliability, which is important for any user to consider. It's inconvenient to experience laptop downtime, particularly when deadlines are due. Although Mac OS X is only available on Apple devices users find the operating system dependable, there is never any problem integrating software and hardware.

However, this is at the price of reliance upon Apple applications and it's virtually impossible to upgrade Macs at the bottom of the pricing scale. Gaming is also more limited with Macs, graphics upgrades are unavailable and there are less available games and models. The system looks similar to Windows but has greater limitations. Google OS is good for surfing the web, but there is a lack of available applications. For many buyers looking for a laptop that's ideal for surfing the web, a Chromebook is ideal.

It's always great to own a device with a high specification and abilities to carry out a multitude of tasks, but anybody who really just wants to access social media, emails and browse the Internet could be better advised to settle for the quick speeds of the Google operating system.

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To make buying prospects even more tricky, there are now a variety of tablets on the market offering the ability to switch between tablet mode or clamshell laptop mode called 2-in-1s. All such devices currently feature the Windows operating system and have detachable keyboards, with some users possibly finding that 2-in-1 hybrid devices give greater flexibility of use and provide far more benefits.

These are powerful devices, not just lending access to all the software needed by students or business users, but also providing the opportunity to switch to tablet mode when travelling or during leisure times. The expense of 2-in-1 devices does put them out of the affordable price range of some buyers, it's also important to note that the Windows operating system won't offer as satisfactory a user experience as that of traditional laptops or desktop computers.

Another great option for the mobile usage are Ultrabooks. Already the name of these subnotebooks indicates that they're ultraportable notebooks. Ultrabook is a trademarked brand by Intel , so all devices of this class feature an Intel Core processor.