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First, there is much more metal. The aluminum on the back of the new HTC One wraps around to the sides and bottom now, with the only remaining plastic found in inserts on the back and top of the phone.

HTC One (M8) for Windows

At first, I was a bit sad to lose this fantastic detail. The new design is still quite slick though, with a raised perimeter around the glass and metal inserts that transitions down into a narrower chamfered bezel that is still polished. HTC also used new and improved speakers and amps on the new model.

HTC One M8 Review!

I should also note that sound seems to be improved on voice calls, and through the audio jack as well thanks to another new amp. A volume rocker sits on the right edge of the phone next to a microSD card slot. You read that right — the lack of expandable storage was a big complaint among users last year, so the new One includes microSDXC support for up to GB of storage in addition to the 16GB or 32GB available out of the box. HTC is not worried about the megapixel race. Instead, the second smaller lens is used to measure depth, and the related information allows the phone to apply several very nifty photo effects after the fact.

HTC One M8 | eBay

While viewing photos in the gallery or in the camera app after an image is captured, a simple tap on the edit button reveals several great options that I really enjoyed using. In meetings, HTC said that it spent a great deal of time working on improving the quality of the camera so photos would come out better in all lighting conditions. Pictures taken with the first HTC One were pretty good, but users encountered issues both in dim lighting and in very bright light. Click to view unedited image at full size Click to view unedited image at full size.

This includes Zoe, which combines still images and video, and the highlight function that automatically combines photos and videos, adds effects and music, and creates a highlight reel. So, if you and a friend both go to the same party and take pictures, you can upload your Zoe reels and allow your friend to add pictures of some things you might have missed. Overall, there is simply no mass-market Android phone that even approaches the new HTC One in terms of design and build quality.

The fit and finish are absolutely impeccable. The materials are perfect, the brushed finish on the gunmetal version I received to review is stunning, the feel of the phone is phenomenal, and the lines are gorgeous and deliberate. Moving deeper inside the new One, HTC has redesigned just about every last pixel in its latest version of Sense. Unlike iOS though, Sense 6 supports themes so you can change the color palette to suit your preference. Fonts have been changed across the device, while gradients and textures have been flattened and made solid. The result is a much more modern look throughout the entire operating system.

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Beginning with the former, BlinkFeed has been completely redesigned in Sense 6 to offer both a better look and a simplified experience. The app still pulls in content from various news services, blogs and social networks, but there are a few additional features as well. For one thing, adding content is easier since everything is done by search.

Perhaps best of all, HTC has begun to add intelligent features to Sense 6 that use location, time and other context to present the user with relevant information even before he or she requests it. This feature allows the user to pick up his or her phone with the display off and perform one of several tap, swipe or motion gestures to perform specific commands. After you set up the phone for the first time, tips pop up periodically to teach you various supported gestures. There are new social sharing features, as well.

HTC One (M8) for Windows Summary

I have noticed that the app now seems to take a bit longer to load data though, which can get a bit annoying. Hopefully things speed up in a future update. How good is extreme power saving mode? Even without this special mode, the new One offers impressive battery life that easily carried me through a full day of use with plenty of charge left the next morning when I woke up. It also charges up faster thanks to Qualcomm Quick Charge 2. Of note, Sense 6 will be coming to older HTC devices like the M7 and the One max as an update, and it will include all of the new features seen on the M8 that are not hardware dependant.

Once again, a few phones have since surpassed it, but it still plays many of the most graphically demanding games without a hitch. It did, however, stutter ever so slightly on the strenuous Real Racing 3. The One M8 houses a pair of BoomSound speakers which deliver crystal-clear sound that tops most flagships even a year on in fact, the only smartphone speakers to have clearly outdone those on the One M8 are those on the One M9.

Mid-high notes are very clear, while it's a little lacking in the bass and volume departments. The One M8 utilizes its BoomSound speaker for phone calls, using the piezo driver in the the speaker to deliver deep, clear call quality. We had no problems with signal quality either, suggesting that the plastic signal strips on the back of the phone are doing their jobs properly. According to HTC, because the pixels on its camera are bigger, the M8 can process more light, resulting in clearer, more balanced photos.

The Duo Camera is a sensor above the rear camera that measures depth information, allowing for some interesting bokeh-style effects. These look good, with the cartoonised, sketched, or otherwise jazzed-up backgrounds always being clearly demarcated from objects in the foreground. A bit more gimmicky — but entertaining nonetheless - are the options to have animated confetti or snow falling over the photos you've taken, or 'Dimension Plus', whereby you can tilt your camera to create the illusion of looking at a photo from different angles. Dual Capture has been replaced with Split Capture, which takes snaps or videos with the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

Face Fusion is a freaky feature that lets you transplant faces from one body to another, and you can now take voice-activated selfies. The 4MP camera held up surprisingly well to the high-end phones of last year, but even then didn't quite match up to phones like the Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6. Colours aren't as natural, macro shots don't capture as much detail, and photos feel like they're taken for uploading to Facebook rather than printing and treasuring.

The rear camera on the One M8 is one area in which the phone now feels somewhat dated, and it's no surprise that it was demoted to being a front camera on the One M9 a job which it's very good at.

The One M8 battery is mAh, and irons out many of the issues faced by its predecessor. While most high-end phones now have a mAH or bigger battery, some clever engineering and the Sense UI mean that the One M8 can last for a surprisingly long time. Should you leave the screen on constantly, then it clocks around seven hours, which isn't far off the endurance expected from a bulky-batteried phablet.

Compare HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

The HTC One M8 is a perfectly balanced smartphone, offering high-end, intelligently-designed features across its hardware and software that work together to form a true technological gestalt. In a world where smartphone tend to be defined by the size and luridity of their screens, the One M8 is an embodiment of elegance. The only major complaint I have about the One M8 is its camera. Does our HTC One M8 review tempt you to go back and get this great phone now that it's cheaper, or is it a bit 'last year' for you?

Let us know in the comments. Ya defo worth buying it's way faster than iphone 6 and it's amazing even year later. But do get rooted and flash a custom ROM skydragon v5 and it will Rock your world. Amazing phone alround.

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Average pics but most people use filters on Snapchat etc. We use cookies on our websites. Information about cookies and how you can object to the use of cookies at any time or end their use can be found in our privacy policy. To the AndroidPIT homepage. HTC One M9 vs. The infrared sensor at the top of the One M8 is an inspired touch.

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The Sense UI looks and feels great, and is set to become a lot more customizeable when it gets updated to Sense 7. HTC One M8 audio The One M8 houses a pair of BoomSound speakers which deliver crystal-clear sound that tops most flagships even a year on in fact, the only smartphone speakers to have clearly outdone those on the One M8 are those on the One M9. The BoomSound speakers on the One M8 continue to deliver top-of-the-market sound. Final verdict. HTC One M8.